The Slot Machine Gambling at the Pull of a Lever

So you fancy a trip to the casino to make the quick easy buck. You have never been to one before, but you figure you don’t need a doctorate degree in Astrophysics to be able to gamble. Gambling is part of every culture, and it is manifested in many different forms. As long as you have odds stacked against you and you have money or properties to wager against those odds, then you’re all set to go.

You enter the jam-packed casino, into a world of many with only one goal: to win big bucks in a blink. All around you is a wide array of games of chance, from card games like Poker, Black Jack and Bridge to Dice games like Craps. You also notice that more than half of the casino gambling area (called the floor) is littered with other games in the form of individual machines. These individual machines attract more gamblers because they set the pace of their own game.

The easiest game among these machines is Slots. Unlike the traditional table games, Slots do not require any gambling knowledge. Even a baby can operate a slot machine and win. Of course, babies are not supposed to, for it is illegal for a minor to gamble.

All one has to do with the slot machine is just give the lever on the side a pull (assuming the bets have been placed) and be mesmerized by the spinning reels. The game is essentially a more complicated version of Tic-Tac-Toe, wherein you just have to line up three identical figures in a row. Aside from the number of figures involved in the game, the biggest difference Slots has from the game of Xs and Os is that there is no strategy involved.

Once the player pulls the handle, all he needs to do is sit and wait for the figures to appear. Normally, the reels stop one after the other, about a second apart from each other. This gives the gambler a sense of suspense and excitement.

Most first-time gamblers fancy these slot machines because, aside from the simplicity of the game, these gizmos come in various designs and themes. Some even have five reels, some have four, but the most basic form is the one with three reels. Most Slots fans, because of the quick results of the game, take three machines in a row, playing one after the other. Because of this, Casinos have also made it easier for the guests.

Where Slots used to be operated by inserting coins into the slot like an arcade video game, Slots now accept bills and magnetic membership cards. The payout has also been made more convenient. Vouchers, instead of a flush of coins, are now printed by each machine for redemption at the counter or for use with another machine.

So if you’re up for a gamble, the easiest way to make (or lose) a quick buck is to let your money ride the reels of the Slots.