Keno, anyone

Are you like the many others who have no clue whatsoever of what Keno is? Then, you should know more about Keno, because it’s as interesting as the other gambling games.

What is Keno? Keno is a game that is very similar to lottery or lottery. In fact, many people believe that Keno is the ancestor of the lottery.

Keno is a very unusual name and sounds very oriental, unlike the other playing games that sound like I came from the west. And in fact, Keno has oriental origins, especially in China.

The Chines that the game with the name “the game of the white dove” is much like Keno, that’s why they followed the origin of Keno in China.

How did Keno start? The origin of Keno is a case “of necessity is the mother of invention”. When the Han Dynasty needed more funds for its army, someone thought of a new idea to get money from people and that is wagering. People have accepted and embraced this idea, after all, who could resist the probability of winning a lot of money for the price of so small? That’s why Keno has become successful.

Surely, gambling games were used to create funds, even during the older times. The game is an effective generator of funds because many people naturally want to win more money.

How is this game playing played? As mentioned earlier, this game of play can be compared to the lottery and perhaps even to bingo. The keno card consists of eighty numbers to choose from. Unlike the lottery where there is a fixed number of numbers to mark or bet on, keno players can only bet a few or a lot of numbers with their cards. After choosing the numbers, give the keno card back to the clerk to check the numbers. Then the draw will begin. If the gambling player has made a comparison of his numbers with those drawn, he must still go to the clerk and claim his prize soon. If not, his victory will have been deprived of.

Because of the passing of the periods, it can not be helped but to have a certain number of Keno versions. Currently, some countries have national Keno gambling games and this just proves how popular Keno is still, in some regions.

It is good to see how a game the game has survived the changes of the years and decades. Gambling games like Keno Fair show us that as a game of play it can still have its original essence, while having more new adaptations.